Crusader Symbol

The Crusaders are a group of people(?) that worship otherworldly creatures. While it was originally thought that the Crusaders were following the UTE crew around because of the G's journal, the decoded message from the journal suggests that they may have been following their families for several generations.

Beliefs Edit

The Crusaders are a polytheistic religion that worships unknown entities. They have undying loyalty to their gods, and may have been behind a string of sacrifice-style murders that took place in the 1990's. They are confirmed to worship at least two gods, one being the Slenderman, and the other being the Seedeater. They may worship other gods, but these are the only ones that have been confirmed.

Hierarchy Edit

The hierarchy of the cult is shown on the Crusader Symbol.

Relationship with UTE Crew Edit

The Crusaders wish to "harvest' the Gewahlt, or the crew. The message formally mentions blood ripening, but they may be after more than just blood.

Relationship with G Edit

G may have at one point been a part of The Crusaders. She has loads of information concerning them, and her journal has the symbol of the Crusaders on the front of it.

Trivia/Theories Edit

  • The Order's symbol (see Darkharvest00) is seen in G's book. It is labeled as the blasphemer's symbol. It is possible that it is the symbol that Jaxon claimed to see after school on 1-7-15.
  • The Crusaders may have several chapters, or "legions." The hierarchy may just be an outline for them all to follow.