Stevie Gee is a member of the UTE group, and a close friend to Jaxon. He is considered the nerdiest member of the group, as well as the smartest. He is the wisest of the group, and dislikes stressful and dangerous situations. He usually wears a shirt with a video game reference on, and normal blue jeans.

Personality Edit

Stevie is best described as curious and kind. He would never directly hurt anyone, though he can be blunt at times. However, if someone he feels that someone he wronged him, he will never forgive them.

History Edit

Stevie met Jaxon in Kindergarten, where the two, both of them being very intelligent, quickly formed a rivalry. They buried the hatchet at some point, and became close friends. It is assumed that he met William and Erik at around seventh grade.

Trivia Edit

  • Stevie Gee is portrayed by Stevie Gee
  • Stevie was fifteen years old at the beginning of the project
  • Stevie hates horror movies, but enjoys a good horror game