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Jaxon Baker is the cameraman and producer of the UpToEarly, from this point on referred to as UTE, project. He is a kind and caring person, but often hides it behind intense sarcasm and a mild tough-guy facade. He is often thought of as the glue of the group, and often the mediator of fights that they get into. He dresses in faded jeans, old T-shirts or flannel, and most of the time a coat of some kind.

Personality Edit

Jaxon is a very intelligent person, though he can hide it at times. He is very shy around people he doesn't know, and can be standoffish is confronted. He always puts his friends needs before his, and is fiercely loyal to them, though he can occasionally be secretive.

History Edit

Jaxon met Stevie in Kindergarten, where the two developed a rivalry. Over time, it faded away, though the two butt heads occasionally, usually over trivial things. At some point, Jaxon's family discovered that he had a severe mental disorder, probably either schizophrenia or MPD, and he was medicated. Later, Jaxon met William in an a seventh grade English class. It is unknown where he met Erik, but it was probably around the same time. The four of them grew into a close group.

At some point, Jaxon met the girl in the Welcome video. The initial look on his face is shock. No one else recognizes hey, so it is likely that they did not meet her.

Mental Illness Edit

Jaxon's mental illness is most likely either Multiple Personality Disorder, or Schizophrenia. He may be schizophrenic because in kenne deinen freid, he spoke of hallucinations and delusions. The evidence for him having MPD is that in the same video, he appeared to completely changed. He later stated that he had no memory of what happened when this occurred, hinting that this has happened several times before.

Family Edit

Not much is known about Jaxon's family, other than small bits of his lineage. Jaxon stated in Sorry! that his grandmother told him stories of the Wendigo, revealing that she was Native American. Jaxon also sports a very slight English accent that can only be heard occasionally when he pronounces words that have a stressed R. It is possible that one of his parents is British, while the other a Native American.

Trivia Edit

  • Jaxon Baker is played by Jackson Gentry.
  • Jaxon was fifteen years old at the start of the project.
  • The Crusaders kidnapped Jaxon, but he turned up three days later. It is unknown is he got away, they let him go, or if something freed him.
  • Jaxon's laptop is a Toshiba, as seen in G's Gifts
  • Jaxon loves anything having to do with horror.
  • Jaxon owns a dog, possibly a chocolate Lab mix. Her name is Pickles.
  • Jaxon's favorite music genres are metal and hard rock.