Das Schiff is a member of the Crusaders, and is responsible for hacking into the UpToEarly YouTube and Twitter accounts. Interestingly, he never uses caps when he types.

Relation to The Crusaders Edit

Das Schiff is a position in the hierarchy of one of the crusaders legions, as seen in the the [of the pages] in the journal. Das Schiff is the title for two members of the legion, so it is possible that Das Schiff may in fact be two people, rather than just one.

Trolling Likely Caused by Das Schiff Edit

  • Hacking the YouTube account and uploading you were warned.
  • May be responsible for kidnapping Jaxon
  • Hiding Jaxon's pills in kenne deinnen freind
  • Uploading kenne deinnen freind

Theories Edit

  • Das Schiff could be more than one person
  • Das Schiff might refer to the Der Grobman
  • Das Schiff could be Jaxon's split personality